Charismatic Leader Wanted

In this time of pandemic we need a charismatic leader to make it exciting to save the world by sitting at home with a book*.
	To get people motivated about saving lives rather than being depressed about the millions who 
are now on course to succumb to this illness.**
To convince people that the grocery store is the second most dangerous place to be
(Thanks to those who work in the most dangerous places – hospitals.)
To encourage people to take rather safe jobs delivering food and encourage those who
have already recovered from COVID-19 (and might be immune) to take jobs
picking food at grocery stores.
To find ways to reach people without computers or money to get them fed and safe. To get mayors to have their cities compete against other cities for the slowest growth rates of new cases.
Have fun in this completion and find other ways to make solving the pandemic fun and exciting.
(With enough motivation cities could achieve negative growth [fewer cases].) If you know someone who could be one of our charismatic leaders, encourage them to do so. Contact celebrities (even minor ones, even your friends) to get them to inspire others. Contact politicians who might become charismatic leaders (or know ways to recruit those who are) Who knows, even I may have saved a few lives by promoting this. Feel free to modify this in whatever way you feel will most motivate your followers. I will try to update information on Http:// * From President Martha E. Pollack, the president of Cornell University, on 3/27/20 after canceling all the reunions this June:
I laughed out loud when a Cornell student posted on their Instagram,
“You have the chance to save the world by sitting at home with a book. This chance will not come again. Don’t mess it up.”
** We were on course to loose 3,200,000 US residents over the course of the pandemic. Around 3/31/20, Massachusetts, with our first try at physical distancing,
went from doubling the number of cases every 2.4 days to doubling every 5.2 days.
This would save 400,000 lives in the US.
(Doubling every 2.4 days means 1,000 cases will go to 32,000 cases in 12 days and to 1,000,000 cases in 24 days.)
(Doubling every 5.2 days means 1,000 cases will go to   5,000 cases in 12 days and to     25,000 cases in 24 days. NEW)
With a lot more work, I think we could improve the doubling rate to 23 days which could save another 1,200,000 lives in the US. These figures are based on my use of this model I know the model well enough to know that it is not perfect and my assumptions are probably off, but the high level conclusions are reasonable.